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The aim that we build WP Translate Plugin is to improve the user experience when people are surfing non-native websites. We noticed that most of the websites were built in their native language or mostly in English. Sure, English is a universal language. But there are still a large number of people who do not speak or even understand English. Here is the data from Worldmeter and Statista.

From Worldmester, we found that in 2021 there are nearly 78 billion people in the world.

And from Statista data, we can easily see that there are 13.48 billion people who can speak English in 2021. And 11.20 billion people can speak Chinese (Mandarin). 6 billion for Hindi. 5.43 billion for Spanish…

If you want your website to have a higher performance around all over the world, having a multilingual website is the first step you can do. Our WP Translate WordPress Plugin can easily handle this problem.

wp translate-polupation data in 2021